Severe Weather

Friedman Cares! We want you, your home, and your business to be ready for the strong winds, power outages, heavy rains and flooding that typically accompanies severe weather. Friedman is here to help with everything you need to keep safe and prepare for what nature throws at you. We are sensitive to your needs during emergencies and have specialists dedicated to provide relief and the right products. Shop the categories below to find the products to help you prepare, respond and recover from inclement weather.

Get Prepared

Being prepared is the most important way you can keep your family and business safe in the event of severe weather. Ensure you have plenty of emergency supplies readily available, like batteries, generators and first aid kits for safety. Create and review an emergency plan with all employees. Be familiar with your city's evacuation plan and nearby shelter locations. Consider storing important records offsite or using a cloud-based platform. If possible, consider adding window protection like plywood. In the event of evacuation, be sure to turn off and unplug all electrical equipment before you leave.


In the immediate aftermath of a storm, you should carefully assess any damage. Having a battery or crank-operated radio is important for emergency announcements in case you lose power. Make sure to keep extra batteries or portable chargers for charging cell phones. Inspect gas leaks and look over your electrical system for any damage that may have been incurred. Dry all electronics before turning them on. In the event of flooding, be sure to stay out of flood waters.


After severe weather has passed, the cleanup must begin to get your home and office back to normal. Protect yourself and others by drying out all areas that may have gotten wet during the storm, and use disinfectant to eliminate potential disease. Wear protective clothing to ensure you don't come into contact with pathogens. Having bottled water on hand will help with your cleanup efforts, and protect you in case of any water shortages.


Emergency Websites

For after-hours assistance, call our 24 Hour Emergency Number at (866) 816-3732.