Lighting Design Centers

At any one of our 7 Lighting Design Center locations at Friedman Electric, you'll find the products you need to help make your house a home of beauty, comfort, and energy-efficiency while keeping your tastes, your lifestyle, and your budget in mind.


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The Lighting Design Centers at Friedman Electric would like to thank our
participating vendors for their support, expertise, and quality products.

Ventilation for kitchen and bath, door chimes, central vacuum

Residential lighting and ceiling fans

Innovative bathroom exhaust fans

Crystal chandeliers

Residential lighting

Decorative residential lighting

Interior and Exterior lighting featuring unique designs and enduring quality

Recessed, track, under cabinet, decorative, and outdoor lighting

Accent, spot, path, spread, and deck lighting for outdoors

Lighting options for every room in your home

LED utility lighting solutions

Wireless dimmers, color switch plates, shading solutions

Best, decorative choice of designers and architects for outdoor and indoor

Radiant electric floor heating and freeze protection solutions

Timeless lighting and home accessories

Energy efficient indoor and outdoor LED lighting

Crystal chandeliers and wall sconces

Decorative residential lighting

LED, fluorescent, halogen, and incandescent lighting, ballasts, lighting controls and more

Low voltage lighting systems and decorative fixtures

Interior and exterior lighting, track, recessed, LED tapelight